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Monday, 02 August 2004

I've got 3187 words, so 315 new words. Today was mostly revisions, just a bit of new text.

The conventional wisdom is to push ahead rather than constantly revise, and that's probably good advice in general. What I'm doing, though, is not the sort of revisions where you polish and get the words just right. I'm still writing as if I were writing a short story, and I'm going back and fixing bits as I realize that the pacing is wrong.

My hope is, once I get the feel for the way the text should flow, the writing will go more quickly. But it seems like it's worth reworking the first chapter as many times as it takes for it to start feeling like a novel. And it seems silly to write a whole lot of text until I've gotten past making some of these errors. (At least, until I've gotten past making the ones I see right off the bat.)

Bicycled to work three times last week, but only got in one run, 4 miles on Sunday. Bicycled to work again today. One of my coworkers asked me how my day was. I said, "Great. Always a great day when I bicycle to work."

I'm trying to get started putting the finances into Quicken again. After three days, I've got a couple months of data entered for nearly all the transaction accounts. That's enough to see where the money is going (taxes, rent, groceries, vacations). I still need to enter the investment accounts before I know where the money is, though.


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