Philip Brewer's Writing Progress


Thursday, 05 August 2004

Another Thursday evening with a workout and then an hour of writing while Jackie takes her belly dancing class. I'm back working on the first chapter again, having figured out how to move things along faster and do some worldbuilding at the same time. I've probably got negative words this evening, but that's okay. It's better. There's more I want to do, but I ran out of time this evening.

Still busy at work.

I went for a run this morning, even though it late enough that I'd end up having to drive to work. I've been getting my bicycle rides in, but not enough runs.

There's a dead tree just across the stream from Kaufman Lake, that looks like it ought to have a flock of vultures lurking in it. This morning it had two crows, and as I ran past a hawk swooped down after one of them. The crow seemed quite blasé about it, though, and just flew to another tree.


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