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Tuesday, 21 September 2004

Happy Equinox!

Finally started on a new draft of the robot story. I've got about 700 words, of which maybe 150 are directly copied from the previous ms. The rest is similar to the old text, but is different enough that it's been simpler to just type it than to try to edit the old text into the new.

I'm making some headway on my task at the day job.

I bicycled to work today. Did so yesterday as well, by way of the Fitness Center for some lifting. My weigh loss has tapered off to the point where it's so slow as to be unnoticeable (except to me, because I'm keeping track), but as long as it is a loss rather than a gain, I'm not unhappy. One of my friends at work has been losing weight, and now that he's within striking distance of his goal weight, he's pushing harder to achieve it. To me, it seems more promising to accept that the goal weight will be approached asymptotically. Not that I wouldn't be happy to take another 10 pounds off quickly before setting down to an asymptotic approach to my goal weight.

I ordered two new fountain pens which arrived today. I'm trying to carry a notebook with me, and wanted a fountain pen to write in it with, but didn't want to carry one of my good fountain pens all the time for fear of losing it. So, now I have two less-expensive pens, and am hoping that one or the other would be good enough for daily use. They're both okay, but the steel nibs aren't nearly as nice as the gold ones in my fancy pens. Maybe, with some more writing, they'll get adjusted to my hand and feel better.


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