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Wednesday, 22 September 2004

Happened upon this website on making your own grail diary as in the notebook that Henry Jones Sr. carries in the third Indiana Jones movie. The site has extensive directions on hand-making a book of the right size, has drawn on several sources (the movie, some video game, other texts about grail hunters) to produce text for the book and drawings that you are supposed to hand-copy into the book, other things that are supposed to be tucked into it (a telegram, a ticket stub), and instructions on "aging" the book so it looks like you've carried it around for years.

Although the idea of painstakingly duplicating a notebook from some movie seems really odd, I must say that I'm fascinated by the idea of a notebook with the steps toward solving some different mystery. Constructing such a notebook would be almost like writing fiction, but somehow more tangible.

And, if you actually carry the book around, you won't have to artificially age it.

It's very tempting to spend some time that way, but I'm resisting so far.


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