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  1. Hey Phil, Just stumbled on your website looking for the current Champaign ordinance on having backyard chickens and goats (yes, goats!). Did you know that you used to be able to keep chickens in Champaign?? I don’t know what the ordinance used to be or when/if it changed, but a former neighbor had chickens in their backyard for several years before we moved in. I’m not sure when that would have been, but I’d guess 10+ years ago. They also had a rooster that crowed. Maybe the rooster ruined it for the clan and Champaign shut them down under the nuisance ordinance. :) Anyway, I wonder what the status is for the push to allow backyard chickens, as I’m looking to raise them for eggs. If this is still under consideration, please let me know. I may even know a science teacher to try and recruit for the effort. Thanks!

  2. Is Like a hawk in its gyre on escape pod part of a longer story? I want to read /hear more about that world and the bits and pieces which were mentioned.

  3. Hi Phil, just found your article, “How to bake Sourdough…” and enjoyed it very much.rnrnMy wife often thinks she needs exact measures of every ingredient and will sometimes decide to not bake or add to my sourdough starter if she isn’t sure of the “precise” measures required.rnrnI’ll have her read your article to support my sketchy directions. She comments that I don’t even measure anything and whatever I cook still comes out fine, so I figure once she associates the two she’ll loosen up her cooking, baking style a bit. Hahaha. rnrnIn all fairness I’ve been baking bread since I was a child and now make mostly sourdough rye or Italian.rnrnI still change up the ingredients and finish of the crust (eggwhite or water brushed on or just dry with flour, etc.) I’ll also use various flour including fine or stone ground whole wheat, wheat germ, rye, high gluten, semolina, flax seed meal, caraway seed, etc.rnrnLast evening I made two loaves of Italian with sesame seed crust and rather than let one sit out too long I’ll slice it to make garlic bread then bag it and freeze it until the next spaghetti night.

  4. Just found your site searching Travis McGee.
    I agree with your post on the Hero’s journey to fitness. It is a favorite part of the story.
    Travis McGee is the first I know to go into such detail but you asked if anyone knew of others.
    Might I suggest the Elvis Cole series. Workout sequence is yoga and MA kata based. There is also Doc Ford. The standard weights and running. Then the Eragon series. Part of being a dragon rider, Eragon learn the exercises of the Elves, which sounds a lot like yoga. His cousin the warrior lifts rocks for weights.
    If you have found any others please feel free to share.
    I just bought “Man on Fire” based on your post.

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