One of the first things my Oura ring helped me figure out when I got it 4 years ago, was that if I eat a meal in the 4 hours before bedtime it interferes with my sleep. The effect was dramatic enough that Jackie and I switched to eating just two meals a day: breakfast an hour or two after we get up, and then our main meal of the day around 2:00 PM. Since that change, I’ve slept much better.

Sometimes though… life intervenes. Yesterday was one of those days. My local Esperanto group had its annual Zamenfest, and I brought pizza and cookies to the meeting, and ate a lot of both. (In fact, I not only ate several of the ginger sparkles I bought, I also ate some green star-shaped sugar cookies and some peanut butter cookies brought by other members of the group. It was a real cookie fest, as well as a Zamenfest.)

Unsurprisingly, I saw a repeat of the various issues that showed up 4 years ago, as can be seeing from looking at my Readiness metrics from my Oura ring:

Screen capture from the Oura Ring software showing a resting heart rate of 53, an elevated body temperature, and a poor recovery index.

The “Recovery index” basically means that my heart rate remained elevated until shortly before I woke up. That’s on top of the fact that it only got down to 53, which is rather high for me. My body temperature was 1.1℉ above baseline, which is probably just that my body was very active digesting food, rather than being a fever due to an infection or something.

A single day of this is no problem. Today I’ll eat on my usual schedule, and I expect I’ll sleep very well tonight. But I thought it was an interesting example of the sort of thing that the Oura ring is good at alerting the user to.

I didn’t get a picture of yesterday’s cookies, but here’s some from a prior year’s batch:

Ginger sparkle cookies

You know those consumer surveys that companies do, where they say they’ll enroll you in a sweepstakes if you complete the questionnaire? Well, it turns out that people actually do win those. To wit: I just won the Gear Patrol sweepstakes where the grand prize included the Topo Designs x Gear Patrol technical pack, which arrived today!

It’s a sturdy pack with three carrying systems: backpack straps, a pair of totebag-style handles, and a shoulder strap for cross-body carry.

I also won a gift card and a year’s subscription to Gear Patrol magazine, which I’m rather looking forward to reading.

Since taking the picture above I’ve tucked away the backpack straps and rigged up the shoulder strap to carry it like a messenger bag. I think I’ll carry it to today’s meeting of our local Esperanto group!

I’m actually a big ol’ geek about all sorts of devices for carrying things—check out my long list of lunch carriers.