Esperanto-tago 2008


My brother, Steve, is once again organizing Esperanto-Tago, a day for everyone with a blog to post about language problems from their own perspective, bilingually–in their own language and in Esperanto.

Two years ago, all kinds of people posted on all kinds of topics–immigrants, children of immigrants, people whose native language has a small number of speakers, people whose languages are not supported by the culture where they live.  Everybody has some language problems, if only wanting to connect with people with whom they don’t share a common language.

At the Esperanto-Tago page there’s support of various kinds, including support for hooking non-Esperanto-speakers up with volunteers willing to translate their post into Esperanto.

If you’ve got a blog, think about the language problems that you face, and consider writing a post for Esperanto-Tago.

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