Esperantistoj–legu mian Esperantan hejmpaĝon.

An hour before sunset at Kaufman Lake
Philip Brewer (photo by Jackie Brewer)

I write science fiction and fantasy stories.

I also write about money. If you’re interested in “living large on a small budget,” you can read my personal finance and frugality blog at Wise Bread.

I went to Clarion, the science fiction and fantasy writers’ workshop, in the summer of 2001. I learned a lot and I had a great time. I’ve written a lot about Clarion in my Clarion Journal.

I speak Esperanto and write in that language as well.  If you speak Esperanto, you can read my Esperanto-language blog at Esperanto-USA.  Whether you speak Esperanto or not, if you’re in the area and are interested, please come to the meetings of the East-Central Illinois Esperanto Club.  For more information about my Esperanto activities, see my Esperanto website.

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5 thoughts on “2008-12-30

  1. Nu, mi ankaŭ unue uzis “Teach Yourself Esperanto” kiam mi jam havis 15 jarojn. Tamen tio estis neserioze studanta fojado. Je 2007 mi trovis “Esperanto Learning and Using the International Language” kaj ĝi renovigis intereson kaj tial mi estis lernanta diligenta ekde tiam. Mi havas aliajn demandojn por donus al vi, do bonvolu vi povu kontakti min je “vaughn [ĉe] sewardconsulting [punkto] com”? Amike, Vaughn.

  2. evidente malfacila kontakti. evidente i don’t speak esperanto. :) j/k . I was just looking to see how to contact you and I don’t see any avenue of contact except this comment box. Maybe
    I am just not seeing it somehow. . . . Well, anyway, on Wisebread, yours are the best writings. Absolutely! . . . Haven’t read any of your fiction but am looking forward to doing that.

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