The road is snow-covered such that it is impossible to see the lines of the crosswalk.  Does this make it more or less important to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk?

  1. More important
  2. Less important
  3. Equally as important as when the road is clear
  4. Shut up!  Can’t you see I’m on the phone!

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5 thoughts on “Multiple choice question for drivers

  1. Well the correct answer is “a” since you want to help get them out of the roadway as quickly as possible. The law probably says it is “c.” If I am under age 24 the answer is probably “b.” Which leaves us “d” which will be the answer for about 87.4% of the population.

  2. I actually think this is more important reversed… its more important for pedestrians to be cautious crossing… in good weather one can usually assume if one steps into a crosswalk, cars will stop and let you walk (its a $100 fine in Mass not to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk). However if the roads are bad enough that the crosswalk is not visible, its possible that even if a driver attempts to stop they may slide through the crosswalk and potentially hit you in the process accidently. Just because the law says you have to yield does not take into consideration that sometimes stopping is not possible given conditions.

  3. @Bruce: These past few years, “d” certainly seems like the most common answer, especially among drivers who almost kill me (and then smile weakly as if to say that they don’t mean to be driving like an idiot).

    The one who came closest to taking me out today, though, wasn’t on the phone. He was just following the two people ahead of him who made a right turn across the crosswalk. But when I made a “What’s up with trying to kill me?” gesture, he pointed as if to say “Hey, I had a green light!” Sadly, I didn’t know a gesture that means “Yeah? Well, when the light turns green so does the walk signal!”

  4. @Zane: Yeah, I certainly don’t count on drivers doing the right thing. As you say, under adverse conditions, doing the right thing might be hard. But what bugs me are the drivers who sincerely don’t seem to know the rules of the road (and treat me like an obstacle that is only worth avoiding to keep the hood from getting all bloody).

  5. What’s always surprised me are the number of people who don’t seem to know what to do when a traffic light isn’t working. Many people on a busy road seem to treat the light as “green”. Crazy.

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