Instagram would have me believe that I have 30 followers there who want to follow me on Threads.

I assume this means that 30 people who follow me on Instagram have Threads accounts.

If you want to follow me, follow me either on this site’s RSS feed or else on on my Mastodon account: (Or, if you’re the appropriate rare breed, follow me as

Not really a thing (although it could be), but if you spend any time on Mastodon, you should probably know about StreetPass:

1. Mastodon users verify themselves by adding a custom link to their personal site.

2. StreetPass lets you know when you’ve found one of these links, and adds them to your StreetPass list.

3. Browse the web as usual. StreetPass will build a list of Mastodon users made up of the websites you go to.

This post will go to twitter, but it’s the last post to go there. The site is no longer a place where I want to be seen.

If you want to follow my stuff, I’m at Mastodon and I’m at And, of course, you can follow my RSS feed right here at