The latest TOS for Google Adsense requires that sites have and follow a privacy policy.  (I don’t have ads on this blog, but I do have ads on a few of my pages, which I put there after I created an Adsense account for my Wise Bread posts.)

It’s hard to make a privacy policy interesting or amusing, but I did my best.

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2 thoughts on “Wrote a privacy policy

  1. Hello Philip–
    I found your web site doing a search on Champaign/Urbana, science fiction, and fantasy. I went to Clarion last summer, and I’ve been living in Champaign for about a year now. I just thought it might be fun to track down some other writers in the area and say hi!


  2. Hey, Caleb–

    Good to hear from you! I was on vacation all last week, so I wasn’t keeping up with the comments, but I finally came by and got this one approved.

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