My Wise Bread post Live Where It’s Cheap was featured on MSN Money’s Smart Spending blog as Live where it’s cheap- MSN Money.

It’s always nice to see my work get a bigger audience.

Of course, with the Dow down 500 points again, I doubt if anyone noticed.

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2 thoughts on “Featured on MSN Money

  1. Hey, congratulations! I liked the article. I have to say that a cruising sailboat was one of the cheapest places to live, as long as we were actively traveling and anchoring out…. Oddly although living here (Durango) is, I suspect, relatively expensive, our lifestyle is not (e.g. gas costs more here, but we rarely need to drive) and as you say, certain local things add greatly to our quality of life.

    Coincidentally, I thought of you the other day when I saw this article on invented languages at The Economist:

  2. Thanks!

    Yes, what you actually pay for makes a big difference. Access to something that you actually use is a big boost to your standard of living. Access to something that theoretically appealing, but that you don’t actually use (like the comedy clubs in my example), isn’t much of a win. Something that’s expensive, but that you don’t need to buy, doesn’t really count.

    Thanks for the Esperanto link!

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