I need to do this, although my brother wants me to use Syncthing. Our plan is to each sync to our own home server, and then sync our home servers to each other so that we have an off-site backup of our important data.

My brother talks about our plans on the page where he describes his success with Syncthing.

So far I haven’t been able to get USB power, a keyboard, a mouse, and a screen all hooked up to my pi3 at the same time, so success is a ways off.

Finally got around procuring a pi3 and setup the Nextcloud Box! Getting this up and running was super fun and pretty straight forward. The OS Image that was delivered with the box was built for the pi2. So I had to format the drive with Gparted and flashed the pi3 image with Etcher (One nifty piece […]Also on: Instagram Twitter

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