I was talking to my brother about how I might best serve my students during the emergency, and the topic of on-line classes came up (as it has for everyone who teaches some sort of movement-based activity), and my brother pointed out that I should have been turning my study into a studio suitable for producing and streaming on-line classes.

(I meant to mention this in my previous post, but forgot.)

Sadly, I have not done so. If I were to try to stream classes from here, they’d mostly consist of pictures of the vast amount of clutter in my study, so they’d look like this:

I’ll spare you that for the time being.

But, if the emergency continues, I suppose it’s possible that I’ll get my act together to tidy up my study to the point where it could sort-of be a studio.


Watch this space!

In the meantime, there are a variety of videos of me and other people doing taiji and qi gong at communitytaichi.org (a few recent videos are here). If you want to see videos of me in particular, there are few taken by a couple of my students here.

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2 thoughts on “For my taiji students

  1. I have been keeping myself super busy by painting and cleaning and clearing away years of accumulation of clutter. I have boxed up 8 cartons of books for donation. Incredibly difficult for a book lover. But I now have a much needed clean and comforting meditation space.

  2. Jackie has started getting out her packed-away summer clothes and packing away her winter clothes, and would normally be keeping an eye out for clothes to be donated. But the local Goodwill isn’t accepting donations for the duration.

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