Pretty good Pete Townshend interview. This line spoke to me:

“… rock ’n’ roll is really good at dealing with the difficulties of aging. Watching Keith Richards onstage, trying to do what he used to do — it’s disturbing, heart-rending, but also delightful.”

Source: NYT

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5 thoughts on “2024-03-23 07:31

  1. Not really. As early as my 20s, and certainly all through my 30s and 40s, I didn’t move enough, meaning that I couldn’t do ordinary stuff, such as squat deeply. Then, all through my 50s, I focused on engaging in diverse movement—initially just exercise, but broadening out to non-exercise movement as well. Pretty much all through my 50s I moved better every year than I had the year before—hence better than I had since I was a teenager.

    You should come for a visit! We could go for a hike, hit the weight room, maybe play with my gymnastic rings. I could show you the stuff I do with kettlebells and heavy clubs (and I just ordered a mace!). Oh, and you could come watch me train with the other sword fighters. I think you’d be impressed.

  2. I think that you should be very proud of yourself and very happy with yourself for having attained and maintained ideal weight and body composition, and a level of fitness that most folks can only dream of. I was thinking more of deficits that come from superannuation. After all, you’re going to be 70 in June. You might find that you have difficulty remembering where you left your keys, your eyeglasses, … your toupees. :-)

  3. I go way beyond superannuation. In fact, I’ve gone past ultraannuation, and am now approaching hyperannuation.

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