I just shared this with my brother, explaining that The Bioneer was responding to someone who had criticized his whole schtick:

I’m the first to admit that I don’t need to be able to climb a rope. Or sprint really fast. The average Joe just needs to be able to sit and type.

That’s why I coined the phrase “SuperFunctional.” I want to be able to do more stuff than is strictly necessary. Because it’s cool.

He called this “Larping as an Athlete.”

This is preposterous: I am larping as Batman!

Seriously, though. That’s what I’m doing.

Source: Functional Training is NOT a Waste of Time – A Defense – The Bioneer

My brother indicated that he understood, which made me think: We might all be happier if we thought of ourselves as larping at whatever we’re doing.

Best if we do it seriously.