I noticed that my brother now had a bitcoin payment address at the bottom of his blog, so I figured I ought to send him something.

So, I signed up for bitcoin, followed a link that gives you a bitcoin nickel for free, and then sent 4 bitcoin cents of it to Steve.

Now I only have one bitcoin penny. If you’ve got a bitcoin account (or, if you’d like to create one and get your own free nickel), and want to send me some bitcoins (not that I can see why you would), here’s my payment address:


Then I’d have more than just one bitcoin penny.

Some bitcoin pennies would be great, but what I’d really like is some spesmiloj.

(Note: I’d actually feel kind of uncomfortable if someone I didn’t know personally were to send me either bitcoins or spesmiloj.)

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2 thoughts on “Created a bitcoin account

  1. I’d hate for you to feel uncomfortable, so let me introduce myself:

    I’m Gavin, creator of the Bitcoin Faucet website that gave you a free bit-nickel.

    And I just sent you a few more bitcoins to play with.

  2. Thanks!
    You’re apparently not the only person who thought I ought to have more bitcoins to play with—I now have a tidy little sum.

    I guess I ought to go see what can be done with bitcoins.

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