Since going low-carb a year ago, omelettes have been a breakfast mainstay. To provide some variety (besides mixing up the fillings—a lot of onion, peppers of various colors and hotnesses, sometimes a little smoked meat), I’ve taken to adding various spices: most often paprika, turmeric, and black pepper.

Yesterday the turmeric wasn’t in its spot in the spice rack, but I saw a spice jar out on the counter and had already added some to my omelette before realized that it was not turmeric, but rather nutmeg.

So, my gratitude for yesterday was that an omelette with nutmeg turns out to be delicious. (Who would have thought?)

My gratitude for today is that, having gotten my carb consumption back down after letting it creep up while we had visitors and then again after Jackie’s big walk, I’ve once again got my allergy symptoms under control, and have my weight (which had crept up as well) back down to exactly where I want it.

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3 thoughts on “Low-carb double-gratitude 2017-04-24

  1. Nutmeg is used in Spinach Florentine, and I’ve always enjoyed spinach omelets with a bit of nutmeg along with the pepper and salt.

  2. Nutmeg is also a mild hallucinogen and intoxicant, so your pleasant feelings might be more than merely gustatory. ;-)

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