Front cover of A Classic Beginner's Mistake by Philip Brewer

A Classic Beginner’s Mistake” is published by Water Dragon Publishing, March 10th, 2023 as part of their Dragon Gems series, edited by Steven Radecki.

EIGHT MINUTES BEFORE MY BOUT, and I was struggling with my goggles — the one really important piece of protective gear. A rapier through the heart is a legitimate medical emergency, but one that the on-site medical staff handle with routine ease. Only a rapier into the brain is at all likely to produce a career-threatening injury and, except for the very rare fluke of a thrust through the soft pallet or the ear, the skull provides enough protection that just about the only way into the brain is through the eye socket.

Hence, goggles.

I shared some preliminary images of the cover of my new book a couple of months ago, but here’s the official cover:

Cover of A Classic Beginner's Mistake by Philip Brewer

The book comes out tomorrow in ebook form, and you’ll be able to order it here:

A Classic Beginner’s Mistake

A brief synopsis:

On a contract to fix a software bug, Trevo is shamed into entering a fencing tournament where poor folks fight for the entertainment of the wealthy. While diagnosing the bug will earn his pay, the insight from his fencing bouts may prove to be worth even more.

There will also be a print version, and that page will have links for buying it—and for buying a signed version, if that’s what you’re into. (Note that it is a short story and not a novel, even though there’ll be a book version.)

Water Dragon Publishing has announced the upcoming publication of a new story by me!

We are excited to announce that we have signed an agreement with author Philip Brewer to publish his story, “A Classic Beginner’s Mistake”, as part of our Dragon Gems short fiction program.