Whiskey club: Cody Road Rye

Cody Road makes a very fine rye. It’s got a nice rye spiciness, without being harsh at all, and a bit of bourbon sweetness as well (even though the grain bill is 95% rye, 5% barley, according to the label.

Today I served in neat in one of my whiskey peaks glasses. There are several versions of these glasses, with different mountains in the base of the glass. Mine have Mt. Fuji. The shape works great for aerating the whiskey when you swirl it in the glass.

A bottle of Cody Road Rye in front of a pour of the whiskey in a whiskey peaks glass

Whiskey club: Cody Road Bourbon. Pre-pandemic, our local liquor store used to have tastings. (It probably does again, but we haven’t started going again yet.) At one tasting there was a rep from Cody Road, which turns out to be almost a local distillery: It’s in Le Claire, Iowa, just across the Mississippi. I don’t remember the precise details, but the rep mentioned that they try to use local corn and rye, grown close to the distillery.

The rye was actually even better than the bourbon (and I’m not usually a huge rye fan). We’ve got some of the rye in our liquor cabinet—I’ll have to have some again soon.

Today though I poured the bourbon on the rocks, although it’s also good neat.

A bottle of Cody Road bourbon behind a glass of the whiskey on the rocks.