Even while I was sick, I still had to walk the dog. I cut back just a bit—when I was at my sickest, I took her for just three walks a day. Now that I’m mostly better I’m back to five or six walks per day, although the mileage is still a bit shy of what it was before I got sick.

I appreciate the less spectacular dawn skies just like the more dramatic ones.

Looking east across Dohme Park about 20 minutes before sunrise

Walking Ashley gets me out around dawn every morning, giving me a chance to get a dawn photo most days. I kind of enjoy the mix of spectacular ones along with the more pedestrian ones. Here’s a few from the days leading up to the equinox:

Speaking as someone who has advocated for a return to local solar time (now that everyone has a supercomputer with GPS in their pocket to handle the necessary conversions), I was intrigued to read this article about just how bad things were before we started using timezones.

It’s peripheral to the main article, but I was kind of intrigued by this bit:

When he arrived in Ann Arbor in 1852, Tappan gave a speech outlining his vision for a new type of university. Drawing on the German model of education, he sought to transform the University of Michigan into an institution where knowledge was not just taught, but created.