It seems that someone translated my Wise Bread post The line between frugal and crazy into Turkish:

I’m  kind of chuffed about this–translating a whole article is a lot of work; I’m pleased that there’s someone out there who thought this article was worth the trouble.  I hope it’s a good translation–it’s kind of hard to tell, based on the Google translation:

Nature of diseased condition that does not bring happiness. At this point the question must be asked is: Does it make you happy to make thrifty behavior? In this way, make you happy is to live a frugal man, you are normal and others that it does not matter what you think. For example, to use bicycles for transportation or walk to me very happy.

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2 thoughts on “Translated into Turkish

  1. Hi Philip!

    I’m the editor of “tutumlu ol” means “be frugal” in English. So your article is the best way to express my web site’s philosophy. That’s why I published the article.

    By the way I translated the article with some Turkish phareses. Don’t worry about translation. I did my best.

    Greetings from Istanbul, Turkey…

  2. Thanks for dropping by!

    I wasn’t really worried about the translation–just trying to come up with a funny way to introduce the Google translation back into English.

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