For the first time since I was in elementary school, I did a chin-up.

I’ve actually been working on pull-ups, which seems like a more useful capability: If you can do a pull-up, you have a shot at being able to pull yourself up onto a wall or up out of a hole. I’m not quite there yet. But along with my pull-up training I’ve taken an occasional stab at doing a chin-up, and today I managed it.

All it took was three years of ceaseless effort.

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4 thoughts on “I did a chin-up!

  1. I’m so pleased! Even better, I did another chin-up today, so I know it wasn’t just a fluke!

    Pull-ups are apparently still a ways off. I’m tweaking the way I do my negative pull-ups to see if I can get over the hump. Specifically, I’m doing them much more slowly, trying to concentrate on the phase where I shift between traps and lats.

    I’m also trying to do some shoulder circles (moving my shoulders back and down) while hanging from the bar.

    Both of these are aimed at helping activate my lats while pulling. I was surprised to find that my traps were really sore after my first chin-up, whereas I didn’t feel it in my lats at all, making me think that I’m not much using what ought to be the main muscles for pull-ups.

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