2020-03-13 10:52

Vicki Robin of Your Money or Your Life is right about responding to Covid-19 if you’re financially independent:

I wake up every morning asking, “What can I do for others to ease their material or psychological pain as Covid-19 upends our lives?” and “How can I use my leadership in communities of influence to increase vigilance where people are slack and calm where people are freaked?” The privilege of financial independence is the ability to serve.

Source: FI, FIRE and Covid-19; are we better set for this virus?

2020-03-11 07:56

I’ve spent the past 5 years working to recover my ability to rest in a squat. Not quite there yet, but getting closer. (Photo by Jackie Brewer.)

When the tribespeople squatted, their readouts pinged, indicating that their leg muscles were contracting far more than when they sat, and almost 40 percent as often as during walks.

Source: Sitting Is Bad for Our Health. Should We Squat More Instead?

2020-03-07 09:30

Probably just another instance of “people who drink moderately have other healthy behaviors as well,” but very much in keeping with my preconceptions:

Compared with abstainers, those who drank one to 13 standard drinks a week had a 66 percent lower rate of beta amyloid deposits in their brains.

Source: Moderate Drinking Tied to Lower Levels of Alzheimer’s Brain Protein – The New York Times

2020-03-06 11:10

Tips from evolutionary psychology:

The more estrangements someone has in life, the worse his or her life is – across the board

If you trespass against someone in your world, realize that forgiveness is not an easy feat and it is actually rarely truly implemented – especially if the transgression is major and personal

Developing a reputation as someone who is genuinely trustworthy within a small community is golden

Source: What’s the Darwinian Recipe for a Fulfilling Life? 14 Questions with Evolutionary Psychologist Glenn Geher (PhD)